I'm Lillian

I'm a Sydney based versatile Designer and Creative Technologist. I like to create, build things and make them look great.

Let's catch up


13 years ago, I left my demanding job and ventured into freelance design in order to regain my creative energy and do more rewarding work with the community. I look back at the past decade and feel proud to have been able to achieve exactly what I set out to do, but now it's time for my new journey.

I recently undertook the challenge of learning to code and successfully completed the Software Engineering immersive course at General Assembly. Today, I consider myself a versatile designer and front end developer. I have an interest in learning how to build products that are user focused and I would like to keep on learning to be a better problem solver.

Since July 2020 I have been working as a Creative Technologist for a startup called 10xEvolve, where I have been collaborating in designing their website and products that will soon benefit students, educators and parents, and I am also an active member and UX/UI mentor at Code.Sydney. My proudest achievement in 2020 is that I have created an explainer video in Adobe After Effects. I absolutely fell in love with motion graphics and I will continue to refine this new skill to the fullest as I believe it can compliment my UI design skills. I thrive working in a team where I can contribute creatively everyday in my new career.


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These are some of the technologies
I currently use or am improving upon:

Figma   •   Adobe InDesign   •   Adobe Photoshop   •   Adobe Illustrator   •   Adobe Bridge   •   Adobe After Effects   •   WordPress   •   HTML   •   CSS   •   JavaScript   •   JQuery   •   ReactJS   •   Git