ISSA exhibition stand design

Abco Stand 1

Abco Products grew exponentially over 2020, and became one of Australia's leading cleaning product and equipment suppliers. Although they had a good brand, they didn't have branding or a visual identity. They didn't have anything more than their logo. The challenge was to not only design an exhibition booth stand, but to first create their corporate identity.

I was already working on their new branding, as I was creating templates for marketing publications and was also designing their website. This project introduced me to working with 3D modelling and signage on a large scale.

This was definitely a fun project. I studied the measurements of the briefing, researched about exhibition design and provided a few 3D mock-ups for the sales team and directors to discuss.

The results were impressive. Collab Design built the display for us and did a fantastic job. It was gratifying to know that they received potential customer interest thanks to my design.

Abco Stand 2 Abco Stand 3 Abco Stand 4 Abco Stand 5 Abco Stand 6