10xEvolve brand and digital design

10xEvolve logo design

10xEvolve was a start-up, established during the pandemic. The idea for it occurred when all schools went into lockdown. The founders sought to create an educational platform so educators could search for, and create, online interactive classes for their students.

I worked as the head designer for 10xEvolve's branding, corporate identity, design language, website and educational platform prototype.

10xEvolve Home page concept
10xEvolve About page concept

I enjoy producing branding identity and digital design, but this project called for a start-up animation, which gave me new experience and skills in motion graphics. It allowed me to learn a new digital program, and indirectly understand front end development better, as I learned how to break down compositions into smaller components.

I chose to use typography to tell a story and then selected the right illustrations to convey the message. I combined them with Adobe InDesign and created an animated GIF as the storyboard. Once this was approved, I started building the animation in Adobe After Effects.

10xEvolve prototype concept

Below is a brief example of the teachers' prototype homepage. I created light and dark mode UI designs for desktop, tablet and mobile versions, and the option for a list of thumbnail views.

Educators dark mode list view
Educators dark mode tile view
Educators light mode list view
Educators light mode tile view
Educators dark mode screen prototype Educators light mode screen prototype

10xEvolve brought into being a platform to help students become more organised with their classes and have a goal-orientated system of their choice, where they can be rewarded after the proper completion of tasks.

Below is an example of the students' prototype, where you see the homepage, the resources page (which looks similar to the teachers' prototype), and a calendar view for organising classes and tasks.

10xEvolve Student homepage concept
10xEvolve Student resources concept
10xEvolve Student daily calendar
10xEvolve Student weekly calendar
10xEvolve Student monthly calendar