Migram: Migrant Marketplace app

migram logo in colour

I am currently an UX/UI mentor for volunteer organisation, Code.Sydney. We support beginner developers in the transition to gain paid employment, while helping non-profit and charity organisations with their online and digital products.

The Illawara Multicultural Services (IMS) approached Code.Sydney to help them design and develop a niche web app to help low-skilled migrants of refugee background to get involved in the local community through casual one-off work or self-employment.

We came up with the name 'Migram' which is an abbreviation of Migrant Marketplace.

As to the thought process in creating this logo, I thought of the IMS as a symbolic bridge for migrants - helping them to take their first steps in settling into Australia and growing in the community - hence the letter 'M' and the two steps in the top right corner, going up.

migram logo monochrome

Migram prototype concept

The first research we did was to look into other reputable apps, such as, Airtasker, which is a community platform that allows people to outsource tasks to those who are looking to offer their services and earn money.

The UX research and UI design that I focused on was the landing page and job post from the customer. What I noticed from Airtasker, was that job posting required long descriptions of task requests. However, Migram had to be easy to read for non-English speakers.

I suggested building a questionnaire type of form, with drop down menus, which would solve two things:

It would allow the recipient to easily read the job post with the relevant information in simple English.

It would simplify the job posting process for the client, as they only need to select the options of the questionnaire that we provided and approved.

Below are a few examples of the user journey for the customer's job posting process.

migram homepage lo-fi design
migram post a job 1 migram post a job 2

We have recently soft launched the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of this web app and are awaiting feedback of potential users.

Special thanks to:
Praveen Sequeira, our team leader and senior engineer
Sam Sinadinovic, front-end developer
David Taing, front-end developer
Engramar Bollas, Code.Sydney founder

migram post a job 4
migram post a job 5
migram post a job 6
migram post a job 7
migram post a job 8
migram post a job 9