Front End

Alpha Athletics & Aesthetics

Figma   •   WordPress

I am currently collaborating with Paulo Amaral in building this website for one of Australia's best personal trainers. Below are a couple of wireframes I've created in Figma.

Alpha Athletics & Aesthetics homepage Alpha Athletics & Aesthetics about page

Letter Jumble

ReactJS   •   react-sortable-hoc   •  Adobe Illustrator

This app’s objective is to help parents teach the alphabet to their young children, while spending quality time together. My proudest moment is to know that my 3 year old niece actually learned the entire alphabet in only 2 days thanks to this app.

letter-jumble homepage letter-jumble jumble page letter-jumble demo gif animation

Sweets To Go

ReactJS   •   React Styled Components   •  CSS

This was a group project with the aim to produce a full stack fun food ordering app. I was able to design and develop the front end.

sweets-to-go homepage sweets-to-go menu design sweets-to-go demo gif animation

Tic Tac Yum

HTML   •   CSS   •   JavaScript   •   JQuery

This was my first completed project. The main objectives was to learn how to deploy projects on Github and combine HTML, CSS and JavaScript to produce an app. My major learning point was applying game logic, functions and algorithms through JavaScript.

tic-tac-yum homepage tic-tac-yum forth game tic-tac-yum end of game